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Cheektowaga aiming to cut number of geese Goal is to drive fowl out of parks

Animal control efforts are continuing in Cheektowaga, with the town in the midst of reducing its population of Canada geese, just weeks after the bait-and-shoot program for deer ended.

"We're starting Round Two next week," said Facilities Director John J. Jaroszewski Jr.

The drive involves finding geese nests in and around Stiglmeier Park and putting oil on the eggs to prevent them from hatching. "We did find 30 to 50 nests last week," Jaroszewski said.

The oiling is done in three phases to catch eggs that are laid throughout the spring. Oiling the eggs does not attract the opposition that the town experienced in 2005 when it rounded up 106 geese and took them to a poultry processor.

Cheektowaga continues to hire a handler with dogs that chase the geese from Stiglmeier and other town parks. The town also continues to harass the geese with pyrotechnics to keep them away from the parks.

Jaroszewski said there were fewer geese in Stiglmeier Park last year, indicating the program is working.

By one measure, the town also is seeing some results from its deer-reduction program. There were 194 vehicle-deer accidents in 2006, 15.6 percent lower than the year before.

There were 230 accidents in 2005, 227 in 2004, 176 in 2003, 132 in 2002, 182 in 2001 and 156 in 2000.

For the second consecutive year, the town killed 150 deer over the winter in its bait-and-shoot program.

That is the maximum allowed under the permit from the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

The bait-and-shoot started in the last week in December and ended in mid-March. The town donated 5,491 pounds of venison to the Food Bank of Western New York, Jaroszewski said.


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