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The Buzz

>Broadway babies

How strange to see, the Saturday before Easter, a butter lamb-less Broadway Market. The little lambs were all sold out! Buzz was agog. We were also agog reading in The News what Andrze Ogiba of East Amherst, who comes from Poland, had to say about Dyngus Day's Old World roots. "In Poland," Ogiba said, "Dyngus Day is called the Dyngus Smingus." You heard the man. Dyngus, Schmingus! Which brings us to organizer "Airborne" Eddy Dobosiewicz. He was pleased with the turnout for the Dyngus Day parade. "A little wind chill can't stop Polish people," Eddy gloated. "Why do you think they call it the North Pole?"


>Casual Friday

Buzz was shocked -- shocked, we tell you -- at Mayor Byron Brown's news conference Friday about his son driving the family SUV. Not because of fingerprints, joy-riding or blah, blah, blah. No, only one thing stunned Buzz: Hizzoner wore no tie! He always wears a tie -- at every other news conference, at brunch for Old Home Week when we ran into him, whenever he tours a school. Now, none. Is it some kind of code? Are they trying to tell us he's sticking his neck out?


>The chocolate report

Good news: Choc-o-Logo has come up with bourbon-infused pecans tossed in a brown sugar coating with a drop of white and dark chocolate on top. Bad news: In support of the Hawk Creek Wildlife Center, they call it Peregrine Poop. Well, what's in a label? We demand to eat it anyhow. ... Killer Bunnies from Germany! Buzz admired an Easter bunny made of Lindt chocolate, so cute and realistic, with a tiny red ribbon round its neck. But ach du lieber! The label reads: "Not suitable for children under 3. Ribbon presents a choking hazard."


>The buzz

We Kid You Not department: Wednesday is Date Night at Off the Wall on Elmwood. A placard states baldly: "Drop your kid in our back room with owner Cherie Chase, and enjoy a nice meal with your partner. $10 per kid." ... Best polka that Those Idiots (it's fun just to say that band's name) played at the Central Terminal Dyngus Day party: the "I Wanna Be Sedated" Polka, a tribute to the Ramones. So thought Rimus Musteikis, who was greeting people at the door, and Buzz agrees. Musteikis is Lithuanian, but they let anyone in, and he warmed to his role as welcomer. "When people complained about the cold," he said, "I just told them that this was authentic Polish weather." ... Too bad we can't actually go to the Regal and see the movie "The Slug Woman From Uranus." The flick is fictional. But it is the center of the Alleyway Theatre's upcoming production, "Lost in Hollywoodland." The show opens next Thursday.

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