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Story of man's suicide was hurtful to family

I am personally wondering, as I think many people are today: When did The News become the same as a rag newspaper sold at supermarket counters? What were the editors thinking approving for front-page news the suicide of a prominent businessman -- a suicide no less -- on Easter Sunday? I realize news is an anything-goes type of journalism, but do the reporters ever take a moment to think of the day or the family of the person they are writing about?

This article was so one-sided, with the grieving girlfriend adding details that should have been personal, not public. I am sure his estranged wife was called or approached for her comments, but she has too much class to oblige. When stories such as this are reported for everyone to read, let us once think of the true family and the children left behind. Those who are left to pick up the mess and try to go quietly on with their lives.

Patricia Bonfante



No truly loyal Sabres fan would root for ticket profit

Treasonous. No other word more aptly describes any supposed Sabres fan who would be disappointed our first-round opponent isn't the Toronto Maple Leafs, for the sole reason that less of a profit can be made now by selling his playoff tickets.

What reason is there for the Buffalo players to fight so hard all season to ensure home-ice advantage throughout the playoffs when a Benedict Arnold such as the gentleman mentioned in the April 10 front-page story would squander that advantage to turn a quick buck?

Thankfully, for most season-ticket holders, our allegiance to the blue and gold runs deeper than our desire to make money off of our tickets.

Steve Spillman



Stop the lame excuses for soaring gas prices

I am sick and tired of being treated like a moron. I may not be the brightest bulb in the package, but I can tell when I'm being lied to. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why gas prices go up by nickels and dimes, but when we get the "wonderful and exciting" news that prices are coming down, we are lucky to see a two-cent decrease.

How about all the excuses we receive about why the price has to increase? Officials have blamed it on everything under the sun, literally, because it is the earlier switch to daylight saving time that is now to blame. Last week, it was because of the switch to summer gas or something to that effect.

It disgusts me, and I wish they would just keep their mouths shut. We have to pay it either way, and maybe if I didn't have to listen to the lame excuses, my blood pressure wouldn't rise. Between this expensive, useless war that is killing and injuring so many Americans and our sad economy, I am counting the days until this administration is out of business.

Debbie Veley



Bush spent more time in military than Clinton

A recent letter writer said that President Bush has no business honoring any war heroes. He likened Bush to a war criminal, and said Bush skirted his own duties when he was called to serve in the armed services.

I want to point out that Bush was not called, he enlisted voluntarily. Bush's service record is open to debate, but one thing is certain -- he spent more time in the military than the previous president, who actively dodged the draft.

I think the writer's obvious hatred of Bush has clouded any reasonable judgment. Like it or not, Bush is our commander in chief, and a veteran, and he has every right to honor other veterans, just like anyone else in America.

The writer was correct in stating that there was racism in America, and the Tuskegee Airmen did deserve the recognition they were finally given. Would he have preferred that Bush ignored their heroism and service?

I honor all veterans, and thank my president for doing so also, in the name of the United States and all of its citizens. There is plenty to criticize the president for, but this is a petty reason.

Rick Lange



Kmiec should be lauded for doing what's needed

Articles published in The News -- the April 7 Another Voice being typical -- have been severely critical of the diocesan reorganization undertaken by Bishop Edward Kmiec. Shifting populations have caused extremely low attendance at some churches and enrollment in parish schools. Contributions go mainly toward keeping these schools open.

While regrettable that beautiful churches must close, and that farther travel from their homes will be required for children whose parents want to continue their Catholic education, the only alternative would be for the diocese to redirect money from its charitable work of helping people to that of maintaining nearly empty buildings. Suggested sell-off of the Catholic Center and bishop's "mansion" cannot solve the financial problems.

Most importantly, the number of priests will continue to drop sharply, making it impossible to staff existing churches. Although numbers cited have been questioned, this fails to recognize that most retired priests in the area are physically unable to continue serving.

Bishop Edward Head, recognizing that changes would be needed, initiated a corrective program. Kmiec should be commended for taking essential action.

Ted Fisher



Shop owners benefit, not individual Senecas

The community does not understand that very little, if any, of the profits from the avoidance of paying sales and gasoline excise taxes trickles down to individual Senecas. The 25 or so moguls who run the cigarette shops and gas stations earn unconscionable profits and maintain their crippling hold on the Seneca people by electing "friendly" representatives in an election process that allows the purchase of votes.

For the Senecas, there are the haves and the have-nots, and the idea that poor Senecas would suffer if Gov. Eliot Spitzer properly enforces New York law is wrong.

Spitzer's proposal that the state sales tax be revenue-shared with the Seneca Nation would be a proper and equitable solution, not only for the citizens of our state but also for the Seneca people, who would then get some share of sales tax revenue paid to the Nation, which can in turn do good things for its members.

Our two prior governors did not have the guts or the fortitude to take on the moguls, their high-priced lawyers and the lobbyists who argued for their self-interests in the name of the Seneca people. Spitzer is doing the right thing. He is doing what we elected him to do in challenging these issues that are so debilitating to our state. He needs our support.

Carl P. Paladino

Ellicott Development Co.


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