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Deciding what gear to wear among popular brands

Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister Co., and American Eagle Outfitters. Look any two ways at your local high school or college and you are likely to see at least one person branding the logo of one of these popular retail stores.

The three retail companies, whether it's through their clothing, advertisements, or even the music they play in their stores, do their best to appeal to the 14-21 demographic.
With the striking similarities between them, how do teenagers decide between the three? Students at Clarence High School had varied opinions, the first being most important of all -- pricing. "American Eagle and Hollister definitely have the best prices, they have more discounts and their items are just cheaper overall," said sophomore Vincent Spano. "I am able to get more items, which make more sense to me." Senior Vincent Jacobbi provided an opposing view: "I like Abercrombie & Fitch because it's more expensive, I know that I'm getting more quality material, and people know it's expensive, which gives the clothing more prestige."
People had differing opinions on the "labels and symbols" of the clothing. "I think that all their clothes are comfortable," said senior Nicholas Miano. "Where they differ is what the articles of clothing have on them. I like Hollister because their clothes have both the 'Hollister California' label and their trademark bird logo." "I like Abercrombie & Fitch's logo better because American Eagle and Hollister's logos are too similar," said junior Christina Lombardo. "The Abercrombie moose is unique compared to the two."
Some mentioned the specific store's style as a reason to shop there or not. "American Eagle doesn't overpower you with loud music and huge posters," said junior Chelsea D'Angelo. "The store is laidback and presents a number of varying styles." Senior Colleen Kearney is partial to Hollister: "The whole mood of the store is really relaxed, the clothes are all similar but unique in their own way." "When you wear Abercrombie & Fitch, everyone knows all the similarities about their clothing, it's like you're wearing their whole line with one shirt or pair of pants, one article of clothing carries their whole image," said sophomore Rose Morabito.

Zach Sheldon is a senior at Clarence.

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