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They said it in the RC

OLEAN -- Some comments and thoughts from Tuesday's press conference introducing Mark Schmidt as St. Bonaventure's new coach:

---Athletics Director Steve Watson: "The reason Mark is here today is because he wants to be. He wants to be the head coach at St. Bonaventure and I can't express how important that is."

Translation: Albany's Will Brown scum-bagged Bona just to get more money from his old school and Watson was going to make sure that didn't happen again.

----Sister Margaret Carney, university president:  "Part of our commitment to Division I athletics means we are in a constant balancing act. One of the things we hope for is that program success yields the kind of revenues to put us in reach of that balance."

Translation: Schmidt wins some games, puts some fannies back in seats and the school can get some of its money back from paying a salary it never imagined it would be forced to fork over a year ago.

---Bona guard Tyler Relph: "It's kind of been crazy, going around not knowing and having people asking all the time. I was telling them I had no idea. You hear the same names everybody else but you have no idea so we just had to let Steve Watson do what he needed to do."

Translation: The players were kept out of the process this time as they should have been. Marques Green was way too involved four years ago and his insistence on an African-American coach was one reason the ill-prepared Anthony Solomon was plucked off the Notre Dame staff when a better choice would have been former Bona player Garland Mance.

---A statement from Wake Forest coach Skip Prosser, under whom Schmidt served seven years at
Xavier: "St. Bonaventure is very fortunate to have Mark Schmidt as its head coach. He understands, after previously working at Loyola and Xavier, the workings of a Catholic university. He is very familiar with the Atlantic 10 Conference. His priorities are well-placed. I think it's a home run for St. Bonaventure. I think Mark will be spectacular there."

Translation: Here's hoping Prosser is right. On the spring day in 2003 when Solomon was hired, Bona issued similarly glowing testimonials about him from Notre Dame's Mike Brey and Duke's Mike Krzyzewski. And we all know how the last four years turned out.

---Mike Harrington

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