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Smigus Dyngus

Today's the day we Buffalonians welcome spring (OK, not this year) and the end of Lent with Dyngus Day. Has anyone noticed that Lent seems to be a bit less somber each year? My older daughter announced she was giving up television, and we don't even watch television.

Somber Lent or not, celebrating Dyngus Day is a nice tradition, and one that is primarily a Buffalo phenomenon. When I was telling our kids about it on Easter, my younger daughter asked, "Are we at all Polish?" hoping that I would answer, "Yes, at least 25 percent," which would justify in her mind that we should have a party. But I've got holiday fatigue kicking in and I'm looking to toss the Easter baskets out the window.

But instead, maybe I should capture some of our daughter's spirit and love for celebration, download some polka music from iTunes and chase everyone around with some pussy willows and squirt guns. I could use the exercise!


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