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Help solve the missing-sign mystery

What is blue and yellow and missing from a pole on Delaware Avenue?

That's what Fix It is trying to find out.

A blue and yellow sign, the kind that usually denotes a historical site, had been seen in front of 1272 Delaware by a motorist who wrote to Fix It when he noticed the sign was no longer there, and the pole was left behind.

"There was a historic sign on the west side of Delaware between Lancaster and Cleveland [avenues]," Leo Shaw wrote to The Buffalo News. "The pole is bent, and the sign is gone. I always drove by it on my way to work but never got to read the whole thing. Now it's gone."

After checking out the site, Fix It contacted City Hall and the city's Public Works Department. An employee in Commissioner Daniel Kreuz's office said: "It's not our responsibility. It's not something we do."

However, the department has assisted companies and organizations in the past when they put up similar signs, she said.

The commissioner's office did send someone out to check it out and said the sign was nowhere to be found. Replacing it would be up to the company or organization that put it up.

The problem -- and the mystery -- is that no one knows for sure what the sign said, so looking for the owner presents a challenge.

That's where Fix It readers can help. If anyone remembers what the sign said or the name of the organization it represented, please contact this column.

Now, on to other matters. Despite the snow that surprised us last week, we are still heading into pothole season, and Fix It still wants to hear about them. So send in your "best" pothole, and we'll check out as many of them as we can.

Fix It has tackled everything from faulty roads to poor street lighting to broken public drinking fountains. Readers may submit potential items three ways: through regular mail by writing to Fix It, c/o The Buffalo News, One News Plaza, Buffalo, NY 14203; by e-mail at; or by calling the Fix It voice mail line at 849-6026.

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