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LETTERS Time to fire Sloma as chairman of IDA

The majority caucus of the Niagara County Legislature continues to circle the wagons around one of its largest donors, IDA Chairman Henry Sloma.

Henry Sloma ramrodded the tax cut PILOT for AES Somerset through the Niagara County IDA, giving AES a $94 million tax giveaway ($43.4 million with no inflation). The majority caucus and County Attorney Claude Joerg are pulling parliamentary games and denying Renae Kimble the chance to bring up Henry Sloma's name for removal.

Henry Sloma should be the first one fired for this AES fiasco. And the Legislature's rules do allow for the motion to be brought up more than twice as long as the chairman, Clyde Burmaster, and the minority leader, Dennis Virtuoso, agree to have it come to the floor.

It is time for the majority caucus to do the right thing: fire and replace Henry Sloma.

Republicans may throw others under the bus first in a feeble attempt to appease the taxpayers. We need a new IDA board that doesn't giving away the store.

Merrill Bender


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