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This is depressing. All the anticipation of Opening Day is shot by the weather. So much for celebrating the 20th anniversary season in Dunn Tire Park. And good luck to the Bisons and Richmond Braves trying to get any baseball in this weekend. A doubleheader Friday? Yeah, right.

Teams in the IL North get to open in the South Division once every three years, as the Bisons did last year in Richmond. And that's reasonable. Teams in the South don't want to ALWAYS open at home either because a 45- or 50-degree day down there is as cold as what we're dealing with here. What's silly is putting Richmond in the North in April because you get the scenario the Bisons and Braves are now stuck with -- the possibility of the entire series getting snowed out and having to be made up in June at The Diamond in Richmond.

Thank the International League's ridiculous schedule. It's made by Norfolk GM Dave Rosenfeld. Has been for years. Doesn't mean it's right. The league should have been doing it years ago and just doesn't seem to care. IL rules prevent more than three doubleheaders in a week so the teams would be limited to seven games in their makeup series, rather than all eight, and would thus lose one to the schedule.

So much for Opening Day pageantry.

---Mike Harrington

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