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Fear Before performs an amazing set

If you were at Club Infinity last Wednesday, you would have seen no lines of kids waiting for hours to get in. About 30 kids showed up at Club Infinity in Williamsville to see Fear Before the March of Flames, but those who went were content, seeing as how the small number of kids allowed the bands to interact more with the crowd.

The show opened with a lively, energetic set by hometown band Guns of Camden. Those who used to like a band called "Banger Rang" would remember lead singers Jeff Ernst and Brian Siklinski.

The second act, Damiera, came out with a little less interesting set. A few kids were apparently so bored that they sat down to patiently wait for Fear Before the March of Flames to come out. The lead singer tried to get the girls to wake up and pay attention by leaning over the barricade and screaming into the microphone in their faces.

People didn't move toward the stage until Chicago band Russian Circles began their set. Despite their hippy look they were a very good rock band. To those of you who believe that music without lyrics is boring, Russian Circle has just proved you wrong with their vibrant melodies. The band is drummer Dave Turncrantz, bassist Colin DeKuiper and guitarist Mike Sullivan. The band has no singer. They were apparently what many people came out for, seeing as half the crowd left after their set.

Finally at about 9:30, Fear Before the March of Flames came out. They played an amazing set to about 30 kids. Vocalist David Marion put all his energy into filling the room. His live performance sounds just like he does on the albums.

The band played a total of 15 songs from all three of their albums. From their debut album, "Odd How People Shake," they played "Fashion Tips Baby." From their sophomore album, "Art Damage," they played "Should Have Stayed in the Shallows" and "Hey Kid I'm a Computer, Stop All the Downloading" along with a few other songs. From their latest album, "The Always Open Mouth," they played songs like "Taking Cassandra to the End of the World Party" and "Drowning the Old Hag."

At one point the crowd asked Marion to come down from the stage and he obliged. Band members also stayed after the show to hang out with fans.
Fear Before the March of Flames will play at Montage Music in Rochester April 15 with HeavyHeavyLowLow.

Marli Lee McGarrah is a sophomore at Buffalo Seminary.

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