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A true hockey town

Here are the 10 people you can always find in Duff's or any other Buffalo wing place during a Sabres game:

10) The Sabres' fan who makes it his duty to complain about the new logo every single commercial break.

9) The sports nut who can tell you everything about the players from how many goals Maxim Afinogenov has in road games to the flavor of Gatorade Chris Drury prefers.

8) The old geezer who constantly reminisces about the days of the French Connection.

7) The fan who, every time, without fail, brings up Brett Hull's "No Goal" from the '99 finals whenever someone shoots from the crease.

6) The girlfriend who got dragged along with the guys, knows nothing about hockey, and thinks the game has 4 quarters.

5) The bandwagon/fair weather fan who has only been following the team since last year's playoffs.

4) The guy that absolutely needs to do the Daniel Briere kneel-down-and-fist-pump every Sabres goal no matter who scores. He'll also occasionally throw in the Dave Chappelle "Byahh."

3) The midlife crisis father of three who sports his old high-school jersey to every hockey game and still thinks he can make the Sabres as a walk-on during open tryouts.

2) The man who feels it is his obligation to do a Rick Jeanneret impression every goal, pass, line change, or bathroom break.

And the No. 1 person you'll always find at a wing joint when the game's on:

1) The devoted Buffalo fan who bleeds blue and gold and loves the Sabres more than his first-born child.

Mike Wach is a senior at St. Francis High School

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