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Spring thaw

I doubt that people in other regions of the country experience a spring social awakening the way we do in Western New York.

First, after three to five months of being cooped up indoors, we all shed our parkas as quickly as Alberto Gonzales sheds federal prosecutors. It doesn't take long for the bicycles and strollers to hit the pavement. Socializing with our neighbors is suddenly possible again.

Let's be upfront about it: The first thing we notice is the new physical dimensions of everyone. The children all look taller and more mature, as if they've been kept under a hothouse grow light for the past few months.

Most of us grownups have grown a bit, too, due to infrequent exercise and too-frequent pizzas. (And I live in a glass house here, so I'm not about to throw stones. Glass house? It's more like a Dale Chihuly installation!)

I'll see you out at the park. Or, possibly, at Dairy Queen.


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