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Bouncers at American Girl Place

I'm simultaneously impressed and repulsed by the American Girl doll
phenomenon. It says something about our culture that wholesomeness is
such a scarce commodity that we are willing to hoard it like crack
addicts. Thus the success of the American Girl marketing machine of
overpriced but tasteful dolls, historical books, and now themed
shopping/real estate destinations in New York, Chicago and L.A.

we will make the obligatory stop to American Girl Place when we go to
NYC with our 9-year old daughter next week; this will crowd out our
time that would normally be spent at more traditional New York
attractions like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and the
American Museum of Natural History. But we will play along. What is a
trip to NY without a heavy dose of retail?

But now I have a new
reason to fan my growing flames of resentment toward the manipulative
Mattel marketeers. A Brooklyn woman who blogs under "One of those Horrible Moms"
wrote about her daughter, Etta, getting dissed by the good folks at
American Girl Place. According to Etta's mom, the fashionista
stylist/bouncers at the American Girl hair salon refused to style the
hair of Etta's $29.95 American Girl doll wannabe from Target,
humiliating Etta in the process.

I think when we visit, I will show up to the American Girl hair salon with $20 and a troll and see what happens...


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