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Niagara's seed

I know they have a weak RPI, but it's hard for me to imagine Niagara being seeded 16th in the NCAA Tournament. In fact, any No. 1 seed that draws Niagara as a first-round opponent should scream bloody murder, because the Purple Eagles are much better than a customary 16th seed. A top seed deserves better.

Niagara's offensive talent is scary good. They have the weapons of a solid mid-major. A lot of teams in the Atlantic 10 and Missouri Valley would love to have Niagara's offensive talent.  No team in the MAAC came close to slowing them down or stopping them from getting shots. Clif Brown is a great offensive rebounder who could (and did) play at a higher level.

Charron Fisher would be in the BIg East if he had three more inches. Same for Tyrone Lewis, who is making a lot of coaches look stupid for overlooking him simply because he was undersized. By the time Lewis is done, he will be the most dynamic player at Niagara since Calvin Murphy. If I'm gushing too much, sorry. That performance Monday was among the best I've ever seen in a MAAC tourney game -- and the kid is a freshman.

Back to the NCAAs, I think the committee should take into account that Niagara had suspensions and its RPI is artificially low as a result. They've won 11 in a row and they're capable of surprising an elite team in the Big Dance. They should be a 15 seed at the worst.

---Jerry Sullivan

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