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>City Centre Mall faces new operating problems

BATAVIA -- The city's downtown mall -- with only a half-dozen of 36 stores remaining 30 years after it opened -- is facing new problems.

Renamed the City Centre Mall a year ago after a part was rebuilt as municipal offices, the indoor shopping area needs a new sign and extensive repairs, according to Dr. Mitchell A. Chess, whose radiology service is one of many medical offices that occupy space that once housed stores.

Chess heads the City Centre board of directors, representing business and professional owner-occupants. The mall concourse is owned and maintained by the city.

The tenants say they will take over the concourse and its maintenance and make needed repairs, including a new roof.

Also lacking is an outdoor sign listing the mall occupants. But a new sign and repairs are unlikely because the city absorbed a $3 million operating loss over the past three years.

The mall, which opened at 1976 as the Genesee Country Mall, once enjoyed full occupancy.

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