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A hot pink time was had by all

"How did the baby shower go?" readers have asked me recently. "You can't keep us hanging!"

Let me explain: Last month I wrote a column about how, right in the middle of the holiday season and, more importantly, dangerously close to a rather messy construction project happening in our kitchen, I was hosting a baby shower for a cousin of mine who is expecting twin girls.

At the time, I envisioned workers mingling with shower guests, nibbling bite-size turkey sandwiches and sipping pink punch -- in between installing our new door, windows and section of siding, a project that became necessary after the October storm.

Well, as it turned out, the construction wrapped up about 6 p.m. Dec. 22 -- a Friday. My shower guests arrived at 12:30 p.m. the next day. The guys were great that night before, picking up every last piece of debris outdoors and cleaning up as well as they could indoors.

Still, the one kitchen wall was stripped of its wallpaper and painting needed to be done. Unattractive, but I could live with that. My kitchen was torn apart; I started washing and returning dishes and glasses to their cabinets when the guys were still working.

And I still had to prepare the luncheon.

It all worked out. I stayed up late and got up early. My hot pink decorating scheme came together, but here is the best part:

A good friend of mine had stopped by Friday to loan me her punch cups, grab a cup of coffee and check out the progress of the fellas working outdoors.

She saw my hot pink holiday/shower decorations -- including the garlands of hot pink beads I used to embellish the chandelier and the hot pink jingle bells on ribbons I had purchased as favors.

Turns out she loved hot pink for parties, too.

"I have a hot pink melamine tray!" she announced.

And a hot pink bucket for beverages! And hot pink candles, hot pink serving bowls and hot pink ribbons!

She raced home and returned, dropping it all off for me to borrow.

"I don't want to burn your candles," I told her.

"Burn them! I have plenty!" she said.

The hot pink additions were fabulous. The shower went extremely well, even though our daughter's little friend poured an amazing amount of pink punch down the sleeve of her white blouse.

Which brings us back to another column I wrote last year that some people STILL wonder about.

Namely, the cat situation.

Last September, for reasons that still puzzle me, we agreed to take in a third cat -- a spayed female named Abbey with, as it turns out, a bit of an attitude problem.

Not around us, mind you, but definitely around our two neutered male cats. I wrote about how we were taking all those important steps in separating them at first, making slow introductions, etc. Things progressed painfully slow . . . and they continue to do so.

We mostly keep the girl separated from the boys -- except under close supervision. Gumper pretty much ignores Abbey. Sammy and Abbey stare at each other through the grid of the gates that often separate them until one lunges at the other, hitting the gate and making a horrible racket.

Maybe they will one day learn to tolerate each other. Maybe they will not.

The best that can be said: At least Abbey didn't have a hissy fit in the middle of the buffet table during the baby shower.


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