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Check forgery, heroin ring broken up; couple held Cash from stolen checks used to purchase drugs

Police say they busted a couple's check-forgery and heroin ring in the city Friday.

Anthony J. Henley, 28, and Whitney Thacker, 22, both of Whitesburg, Tenn., had been living in his grandfather's Roosevelt Drive residence for the past three weeks and have been charged with stealing his checkbook, according to Lockport Police Detective John Yotter.

"The two stole 39 checks and cleaned out his account, taking $7,280 from the Cornerstone Credit Union [locations] on Stevens Street and South Transit Road," said Yotter.

Yotter said the two admitted writing checks to acquaintances who would cash the checks and get a cut of the money that was handed over to the couple.

Yotter said many others were involved and expects more arrests will be made.

He also said investigators found the money was being used to buy heroin.

"Henley admitted to being a heroin addict and using the money to buy heroin. All the people involved are heroin addicts," he said.

Yotter said the credit union became suspicious about the number of young people cashing checks, and contacted both the police and the owner of the account.

He said one young man came in while police were being contacted and was immediately picked up by officers. He said detectives were able to get a statement and a handle on what was happening.

Henley and Thacker were charged with felony first-degree scheme to defraud, and Henley was additionally charged with two counts of forgery.

Yotter said more charges are pending against the couple, as well as several others involved in the forgeries or heroin sales.


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