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>Liberal media pushing to get Clinton elected

Let me set the record straight regarding Douglas Turner's outrageous column regarding a "right wing" conspiracy against Sen. Hillary Clinton: The liberal media are pushing to get her elected president. Turner failed to mention how she falsely accused the "right wing" of a conspiracy against her husband. When the truth came out, it was proven Bill Clinton had lied to the American people.

Turner indicated there will be a lot of air time for Hillary haters on Fox outlets and radio chains owned by the "ultra right." He failed to note that the three major television networks, including the Clinton Bias Station (CBS), cable news networks and others such as the New York Times, are all liberal media outlets pushing Clinton's agenda.

Turner failed to mention that in September, The News ran a full-page story on each Democratic presidential candidate for 2008. Where is the full-page story on the Republican presidential candidates?

It is obvious Turner turns a blind eye to the personal attacks on President Bush by the liberal media. Just a reminder, "fair and balanced" reporting is something the liberal media can learn from.

Tom Camizzi
Orchard Park


>Scuttling of hotel plan is nothing to celebrate

The convenience of discovering a handwritten deed from the 1880s is all it took to prevent yet another progressive step in Buffalo. The city leaders who shaped that instrument referred to barring "barns, stables, cow sheds and saloons" and went on to prohibit "any business establishment whatsoever" on the southeast corner of Elmwood and Forest avenues.

Hiding behind that woefully outdated piece of paper, plans for a new hotel and retail complex at the site are now scuttled. What could have been a destination area that opened new eyes to the nearby galleries, college, architectural gems and park will remain stifled. The residents of Granger Place et al may have won this particular battle, but it is nothing to be proud of. I'm rooting for anyone who can ultimately win the war against this type of deceptive, underhanded way of doing business in Buffalo.

Audrey M. Mangan


>It's time for America to abolish death penalty

For many years, the United Nations has been calling for the abolition of the death penalty as an unusually cruel and inhumane form of punishment. As a result, almost every developed, civilized nation has abolished this hideous practice. However, the United States has not. This is a sad commentary on the moral state of our country.

There are many Americans on death row waiting for execution by lethal injection. Some may be innocent, some may be guilty of first-degree murder, but none deserves the death penalty. Our judicial system is imperfect and life imprisonment without any chance of parole is an even worse punishment for the most heinous crimes.

Proponents of the death penalty argue that it deters crime. There is no reliable scientific evidence substantiating this. Those who have unjustly lost a loved one need to mourn their loss, but seeking revenge through the death penalty will only cause another person's demise. America needs to outlaw this barbaric practice. Until then, our stature as a world leader will be greatly compromised.

David Slive


>Mount View residents should be top priority

The proposal to close or significantly change Niagara County's Mount View Nursing Home has been reported. Several years ago, I was privileged to be a volunteer for the admirable Niagara Hospice and often made social visits to nearby nursing homes. In any nursing home, residents often feel their days are monotonous, and even a brief conversation with a visitor may lessen the monotony a bit.

I still make occasional social visits to Mount View. Counties have limited financial resources, so strict comparisons between county facilities and the best private facilities are somewhat unfair. But it has always seemed to me that Mount View is a very clean, decent, good-quality nursing home with good management and a hard-working nursing staff. I am a physician who retired many years ago. I have absolutely no doctor-patient relationship with anyone at Mount View, so I have no personal bias here.

It will be tragic if the proposed changes in Mount View are made without a clear, workable and compassionate provision for its residents, together with fair and reasonable arrangements for the staff members who now care for them.

Edward A. Carr Jr., M.D.


>Cable customers are paying more for less

Recently Time Warner Cable announced yet another rate increase, and it appears it will easily obtain rubber-stamp approval from the Federal Communications Commission. I can remember the days when the time allotted for TV commercials was just 12 minutes per hour and syndicated network series ran 39 weeks. Now 20 minutes of every viewing hour is devoted to commercials. Have you noticed even the commercials are being cut short by another commercial? Certainly the TV industry profits have soared due to this advertising windfall. And guess what? We see less programming.

The networks have cut their expenses way back by giving us series that last a maximum of 20 weeks and providing us with "Cheap TV" -- a myriad of senseless reality shows and game shows with minimal production costs. Who's benefiting here? Certainly not us viewers.

I believe it is time for the FCC to look into this cable company, and network profits amassed from the excessive glut of advertising we are subjected to as cable subscribers.

James Weig


>Writer should keep her sex life private

I am writing in regard to Lisa Earle McLeod's Dec. 23 column on the front page of the Weekend Life section titled "In search of the lost libido." What a pathetic world we live in when someone's private diary, which distorts the beautiful state of matrimony, is so newsworthy it gets front-page priority. If she felt the necessity to share, it should have been with a women's magazine. Is there anything private anymore?

Mary Lou Colpoys-Wynne
Orchard Park


>Many are quick to pass judgment on Giambra

Everyone is so quick to pass judgment on County Executive Joel Giambra. He didn't even have his birthday party yet and people are accusing him of money coverups. Give him a break! Let him work out his term of one more year. Then you can pick on the next county executive.

Phyllis Lukaszewicz

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