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>State audit criticizes inventory, food storage

A state comptroller's audit of the Akron School District found minor flaws with the district's equipment inventory and food storage, problems that officials have since corrected.

Auditors said the district's inventory records lacked serial numbers for 125 color TV sets worth $1,700 each and the sets were not tagged. In the district's response to the audit, Akron officials noted that the TVs were "securely bolted to the walls of classrooms throughout the district" and were all accounted for.

Auditors also found that, although the district policy is not to serve food that is more than 2 years old, several cases of frozen eggs, beef patties and French toast were older than that. They also found 10 cases of dried cranberries as much as 5 years old. The district has since taken steps to ensure that older food is rotated to the front of the freezer and food is discarded before it is 2 years old.

The state audit also called into question 21 claims for expenditures from 2004 and 2005, which district officials addressed after the audit. Among the questionable claims was $1,034 for an official's five-night stay at a strategic planning seminar. Auditors said they could not find documentation the official had attended the conference. District officials noted that "a certificate of completion for the seminar . . . was framed and found displayed on the employee's office wall."

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