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Unusually warm weather is nothing to cheer

Last week, The News featured a front-page article titled, "Green Christmas." I was delighted to notice The News did not join with many Western New Yorkers in praising the recent warm weather. Not only does this weather harm our local attractions, but it signals a much more alarming trend -- global warming.

Time magazine recently featured some disturbing figures in its column "By The Numbers." According to recent studies, by the year 2040, the effects of global warming could cause the Arctic Ocean to be mostly water, instead of icebergs, in the summertime. Scientists have shown that the loss of these important ice formations could raise sea levels by 20 feet.

My New Year's resolution is to speak out and find ways to stop this alarming trend. Please join me in writing our lawmakers and asking them to encourage the Bush administration to ratify the Kyoto treaty. The United States contributes more than any other country to the global warming trend, and yet our government refuses to do anything about it.

If you choose to sit back and say nothing, my generation and my children will have to pay the consequences. You helped make the problem. Please help fix it.


North Tonawanda

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