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Test your Niagara County IQ Have you kept up with the news? Take the year-end quiz.

Niagara County continued to turn the corner toward more prosperity in 2006 but hit a few bumps along the way.

Money designed to spur new development flowed into Niagara Falls, Lockport and other municipalities, although squabbling over how that money should be spent erupted in some places. Taxpayers in northeastern Niagara County took a hit to provide an incentive to a major electrical producer to build a new power plant -- and that didn't go as hoped. And as some economic development plans pushed forward, others stayed on the drawing board.

How well did you keep up with the local news?

The staff of The Buffalo News Niagara Bureau offers the following quiz to help you find out. For the answers, see Page NC2.

1. What attraction did Gov.-elect Eliot Spitzer visit during a campaign stop in Niagara Falls this summer?

2. Which major retailer announced plans to acquire the old Melody Fair site on Niagara Falls Boulevard and adjacent properties in North Tonawanda?

3. What event prompted 1,000 people to stand in line for up to 12 hours outside Wheatfield's The Summit mall in freezing weather in January?

4. Two popular ice cream shops closed their doors at the end of the summer season this year. What were they?

5. After months of deliberation, Somerset in July became the first town in Niagara County to adopt local laws permitting the construction of what?

6. What former outdoor amusement attraction did the Seneca Gaming Corp. buy in July in Niagara Falls?

7. Name at least three musical groups or performers that played during the Tuesday in the Park summer concert series at Artpark in Lewiston.

8. What Niagara Falls catastrophe marked its 50th anniversary in June?

9. What major cultural attraction in Niagara County turned 80 this year?

10. What trial, anticipated to run several weeks, came to an abrupt end Aug. 1, and why?

11. What was supposed to open in January but has since languished in North Tonawanda?

12. What major tourist destination opened a $5 million visitors and interpretive center in June, and what is its main attraction?

13. What event in American history became a permanent exhibit in September in the Castellani Art Museum at Niagara University?

14. Who signed an agreement in April with Ciminelli Development Co. and Largo Real Estate Advisors, both of Amherst, to design an estimated $43 million City Courthouse and Police Headquarters in Niagara Falls after Mayor Vince Anello refused to put his name on the contract?

15. The property tax break the Niagara County Industrial Development Agency gave to a power company Oct. 27 is expected to cost taxpayers in the county at least how much? Which company got the tax break, and why?

16. The county voted to sell what property this year, only to have the sale mired in controversy?

17. What recommendations did the Commission on Health Care Facilities in the 21st Century make for Niagara County?

18. What Niagara Falls resident, whose brothers are both serving life sentences in state prison, was sentenced in November to nine years in prison for operating a cocaine sales and distribution ring?

19. Which famous birds are planning to fly back into Niagara Falls this coming summer, even though they haven't been seen here since 2001?

20. What area company saw retirement in October of a longtime employee whose favorite passenger was Princess Diana?

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