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FEMA request is on its way

The city has sent its application to the Federal Emergency Management Agency for reimbursement for costs incurred in cleaning up after the October snowstorm.

Highways and Parks Superintendent Michael E. Hoffman said Lockport is seeking $106,269 from FEMA to cover equipment costs and overtime for police, firefighters, and water and streets crews.

The storm brought down trees and branches, causing power failures in Lockport.

Mayor Michael W. Tucker said once FEMA pays Lockport, the city will pay Niagara Falls for equipment it loaned Lockport for the cleanup.

Niagara Falls, which was virtually unscathed by the storm, loaned Lockport a chipper and a truck for several days. The bill for that comes to $7,398.

Hoffman said Lockport was not allowed to seek reimbursement from FEMA for $2,724 worth of what the city thought were legitimate storm-related costs.

That included overtime for streets workers for garbage collection on Oct. 14.

The storm cleanup added to the city forestry crew's workload. Hoffman said that as of mid-December, 341 trees had been trimmed by city crews this year. There were 239 trees still on the list to be trimmed.


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