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Trivia Quiz

1. George Sisler of what club batted .420 in 1922? After 1901, only Ty Cobb matched that average in the American League. In the National League, only Rogers Hornsby topped that mark by batting .424 for the St. Louis Cardinals in 1924.

2. Jefferson Davis was President of the Confederacy. Who was Vice President?

3. Helen Hunt won the best-actress Academy Award in 1997 for her role in what movie?

4. What are the months when Daylight Saving Time begins and ends?

5. Identify the national document that starts with the words "We the people of the United States . . ."

6. Are all liquids wet?

7. How many animal designations are there for Chinese years?

8. What old comic strip had a gang named Rinkeydinks?

9. In 1979, the feature "Point Counterpoint" -- it was a debate between two people of different views -- was dropped from the format of what television show?

10. Gin rummy is essentially a two-handed version of what other rummy game?

11. Within 15 points, what was Ty Cobb's lifetime batting average. He is at the top of the batting average list.

12. John Tyler was the President with the most children -- 15. Which President had the most sons?



1. St. Louis Browns.

2. Alexander Stephens.

3. "As Good As It Gets."

4. It begins in April and ends in October.

5. The preamble to the U.S. Constitution.

6. No. A notable exception is mercury, which isn't wet.

7. Twelve.

8. "Winnie Winkle."

9. "60 Minutes."

10. Knock rummy.

11. Cobb batted .367 lifetime for regular-season play.

12. Also Tyler with eight sons. President Rutherford Hayes had seven sons.

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