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The Democrats are coming to town

'Twas the week before Day One,

And all through the state

Not a Republican was stirring,

They'd all met their fate.

Gone are Pataki

And Mary Donahue

Along with three congressmen

And an assemblyman, too.

The Democrats were nestled,

All snug in the hay,

For they'd banished Republicans

From coveted Row A.

Some hitched their star

To a president named Bush

But the voters said no,

And they're out with a whoosh.

In Albany they wait

The arrival of Spitzer:

A reformer, they say,

A promising young mister.

For back in November,

He became Numero Uno

But Silver won't bow,

And neither will Bruno.

For they cower in fear,

With a deep sense of doom,

O'er the promise of ending

Three men in a room.

'Cuz over the years,

And all through New York

The leaders have prospered

By doling out pork.

On Pataki's front lawn,

What should appear?

But a campaign bus ready

For next election year.

For that's when George Elmer

Will run for the presidency

Though nary a pundit

Says he'll claim D.C. residency.

To Iowa! To Florida!

To New Hampshire, too!

He can't win New York,

The votes are too few.

But somehow he thinks

He can start over again,

Despite Rudy and Romney,

And a guy called McCain.

New York's junior senator,

Whom the tabloids call Hill,

Still pines for the White House,

Where she once lived with Bill.

She'll talk about health care

And the mess in Iraq

But looks o'er her shoulder

At a colleague named Barack.

In '07 we elect

A new leader in Erie

To take over for Joel,

Of whom most have grown weary.

Marinelli and Keane,

Clark, Ward and Dave Swarts

Are the Democratic hope,

Despite all their warts.

GOP stockings are hung

By the chimney with care

In hopes that a candidate

Soon will be there.

But reality reigns,

And their hopes are so low

They want Golisano,

But it's just Billy O!

And so once more we bow

To Clement Clark Moore,

Whose poem we have butchered,

We know that for sure.

But how can we help it,

When the pols around here

Hand us material

For more stanzas this year?

And so on this day,

Politics takes a back seat.

In Western New York,

That's no easy feat.

We wish once again,

Without hint of a ruse,

Happy Christmas to all

From The Buffalo News.


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