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Restaurants / Niagara County restaurant inspections

At least once a year, every establishment in Niagara County that serves food is inspected by the county Health Department.Those considered high-risk -- because they serve children or the elderly, or serve foods that require a lot of processing or are prepared hours or days before serving -- are inspected at least twice a year.

Exemplary establishments receive no rating. Violations are classified as critical problems that could lead to food-borne illness, which must be remedied immediately; or problems involving sanitation, design, maintenance and cleanliness, which must be corrected by the inspector's next visit.


North Ridge United Methodist Church, 3930 North Ridge Road. No violations. Inspected Oct. 23.

Thaxton's Dinner House, 5949 Campbell Blvd. One critical violation: Small can of Clamato juice is found opened in bar cooler (discarded at this time). One other: Cooler light is out. Inspected Oct. 25.

Ridge Restaurant, 4490 Ridge Road. One critical violation: Two one-gallon jugs of milk found improperly stored in ice machine (milk was removed and ice discarded). Five others: Walk-in cooler thermometer was broken, and refrigerator was missing a thermometer; hot water faucet in ladies' restroom leaks; urinal in men's restroom does not drain; paper towel dispenser is not available at three-bay sink (repeat violation); mold is on back wall of walk-in cooler (repeat violation). Inspected Oct. 5.



Hartland Bible Church, 3144 Johnson Creek Road. One critical violation: Jug of vinegar is found improperly stored under sink with cleaning supplies (moved and corrected at this time). One other: Thermometer is needed for refrigerator. Inspected Oct. 11.



Tina's Place, 5835 Buffalo St. No violations. Inspected Oct. 5.

Stella Niagara Education Park, 4421 Lower River Road. No critical violations. Two others: Clean utensils are improperly stored in teachers' eating area (corrected at this time); cooler door gaskets under cold hold unit on service line have buildup. Inspected Oct. 31.

Niagara University Gallagher Center, Lewiston Road. Four critical violations: Thermometer in grill area is incorrectly calibrated (recalibrated at this time); chicken fingers in cold hold unit are not at safe cold temperatures due to improper cooling procedures (discarded at this time); pizza logs on counter in grill area are found to be thawed and at unsafe cold temperatures (discarded at this time); chicken fingers and grilled chicken found to be at unsafe hot temperatures, out of oven for less than two hours (reheated at this time). Two others: Improper storage of single-service utensils, with the handles not facing in the same direction; fan and motor above freezer in grill area had excess dust and grease debris. Inspected Oct. 23.



John & Mary's, 5690 S. Transit Road. No critical violations. Six others: Can of ketchup is found in walk-in cooler opened and stored in original can (corrected at this time); found raw meat improperly stored above bread and rolls in cooler behind service counter (corrected at this time); no towel dispenser in men's restroom; can of ant and roach killer was found on shelf in kitchen (corrected at this time); drywall behind entrance to kitchen has a hole in it; light shields are missing from fixtures on kitchen ceiling. Inspected Oct. 3.

Pleasant Valley Tavern, 167 Van Buren St. No critical violations. Two others: Raw eggs were stored above cut vegetables in kitchen cooler (corrected at this time); shelves on wall behind bar are covered with cloth towels and paper towels with clean pitchers stored on them. Inspected Oct. 23.
Masonic Temple Association, 1 Cottage St. No violations. Inspected Oct. 5.

Stevie V's-LaRosa Pizzeria, 6318 Robinson Road. No critical violations. One other: Grease buildup is present on left side of hood. Inspected Oct. 24.

Gonzo's, 7-11 B Main St. No critical violations. Two others: Hand-wash station in kitchen is not accessible because articles are stored in sink; floor behind bar is worn in spots so is no longer smooth and easily cleanable. Inspected Oct. 6.

Mayflower Chinese Restaurant, 1187 Lincoln Ave. No critical violations. Two others: Leak under three-bay sink; some foods are uncovered in walk-in cooler, and some produce is improperly stored on walk-in cooler floor. Inspected Oct. 12.


>Niagara Falls

Harry F. Abate School, 1625 Lockport St. Two critical violations: Split pea soup is not held at safe hot temperatures (soup is reheated at this time); tacos not reheated to safe hot temperatures (reheated at this time). Inspected Oct. 18.

Community Missions-Hiawatha Manor, 1570 Buffalo Ave. No critical violations. Two others: Bare wood surfaces in walk-in freezer, dry food storage and under Ryan beverage boxes are not smooth and easily cleanable; floor tiles missing near dish machine and dishroom doorway; slight peeling surface on ceiling over three-bay sink; slight peeling on the outer wall in dry food storage room and wall near dish machine is in disrepair. Inspected Oct. 20.

Lou's Lounge, 504 Cayuga Drive. No violations. Inspected Oct. 3.

Pizza Oven, 1903 Niagara St. No violations. Inspected Oct. 27.

Wally's Pizza & Subs, 39 Goundry St. No critical violations. Six others: Thermometer is missing in Pepsi cooler in front of counter; workers were not wearing hair restraints during food preparation; broken floor tiles are present in men's and ladies' restrooms, making surface not easily cleanable; urinal in men's restroom is out of order; front door was propped open with no screen door or other insect barrier present (corrected at this time); ceiling panels and light shields are missing in kitchen area, and light grids have dirt and dust buildup, slight debris buildup near exhaust fan in walk-in cooler. Inspected Oct. 26.

Shores Waterfront Restaurant, 2 Detroit St. No critical violations. Four others: Cold water at hand-wash sink does not work; a cord with a light is going from outside to inside of cooler, posing an electrical hazard; standing water is in bottom of reach-in cooler; shelving in dry storage has cardboard covering and is not easily cleanable. Inspected Oct. 25.

Our Lady of Czestochowa Catholic Church, 64 Center Ave. No critical violations. One other: Mold buildup is found on gasket of refrigerator. Inspected Oct. 4.

St. Mark Lutheran School, 1135 Oliver St. No critical violations. Two others: Thermometer is needed in reach-in cooler; dish drain needs to be removed from single-bay sink, washing, rinsing and sanitizing cannot be done at that bay. Inspected Oct. 20.

Poppa's Pizzeria, mobile unit, 452 Oliver St. No critical violations. Two others: Bleach is not available on truck (corrected at this time); dish soap is not available to wash hands (corrected at this time). Inspected Oct. 24.
Tim Hortons, 3024 Pine Ave. One critical violation: Chicken and tuna cold salad in deli unit were not at safe cold temperatures, had been out for four to six hours (discarded at this time). One other: Glass top on deli cooler is broken with a large hole covered with cardboard (new top is on order). Inspected Oct. 13.

Players of Niagara Falls, 328 Niagara St. No violations. Inspected Oct. 24.

Quality Hotel Restaurant (Legends Bar & Grill), 240 Rainbow Blvd. No critical violations. Nine others: Muffins and doughnuts are improperly stored uncovered on a table near breakfast buffet line; raw eggs improperly stored above ready-to-eat foods in walk-in cooler; ice scoop improperly stored with handle in ice in ice machine; single-service cups incorrectly stored, single-service cups at the bar are not stored correctly, single-service bowls are not covered, single-service utensils are improperly stored with handles not facing in upward; milk cooler is missing thermometer; some service shelves and other surfaces are bare wood and so are not smooth and easily cleanable throughout food service, storage and coolers; dispenser for single-service towels is not functioning properly; some floor tiles are missing in front kitchen storage area; cook is not wearing hair restraint. Inspected Oct. 17.

Subway Satellite, 333 Rainbow Blvd. One critical violation: Soup in hot hold unit is found at unsafe hot temperature, had been placed in unit less than one hour ago (soup was reheated and corrected at this time). Inspected Oct. 30.

Cracker's Tavern, 301 Hyde Park Blvd. No violations. Inspected Oct. 11.

G.J. Mann Elementary School, 1330 95th St. No critical violations. One other: Lunch room staff is wiping tables with detergent solution only, no sanitizer is being used (corrected at this time). Inspected Oct. 16.


>Town of Niagara

C.K. Richards Sr. and Youth Activity Building, 7100 Lockport Road. No violations. Inspected Oct. 10.

Alps Catering, 6010 Lockport Road. No violations. Inspected Oct. 30.



Tonawanda Sportsmen's Club, 5657 Killian Road. No violations. Inspected Oct. 25.



Youth Center Snack Bar, 240 Lockport St. No violations. Inspected Oct. 6.



St. Michael's Lutheran Church, 6379 Wolcottsville Road. No violations. Inspected Oct. 30.

Royalton-Hartland Elementary School, Orchard Place. One critical violation: Meat and cheese sauce on line is not at safe hot temperature (had been out less than two hours so sauce was reheated). Inspected Oct. 17.

Royalton-Hartland High School, 54 State St. No violations. Inspected Oct. 24.



Exley United Methodist Church, 338 Lake St. No critical violations. Three others: Bag of take-out containers and a case of tomato sauce are improperly stored on floor; paper towel dispenser is needed in men's restroom; light shield to the right of window is missing black end cap. Inspected Oct. 5.

Concordia Lutheran Church, 3121 Beebe Road. No critical violations. One other: Self-closing device is needed on both restroom doors. Inspected Oct. 25.

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