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Power Rankings / Mark Gaughan ranks all 32 NFL teams

Last week in parentheses

1 San Diego Chargers: Don't screw it up, Marty! (1)

2 Baltimore Ravens: Bills could use a Ravens loss today. (2)

3 Indianapolis Colts: Have won 10 straight prime-time games. (5t)

4 New England Patriots: I'm fired up about Dice-K signing. (5t)

5 New Orleans Saints: Clinched third division title in 40 years. (3)

6 Dallas Cowboys: Dreading the thought of T.O. on Super Bowl media day. (8)

7 Chicago Bears: NFC's top seed hasn't won Bowl since '99. (4)

8 Jacksonville Jaguars: Battle with Pats is game of week. (5t)

9 Denver Broncos: Buffalo airport would not have been shut down that long. (15)

0 Pittsburgh Steelers: Will rebound next year. (16)

11 Philadelphia Eagles: Jeff Garcia still ticking at 36. (20)

12 Cincinnati Bengals: Three Bengals to get extradited to Hawaii. (10)

13 Buffalo Bills: Sabres new unis are growing on me. (17)

4 N.Y. Jets: Coles is second in league with 87 catches. (18)

15 Seattle Seahawks: O-line has been in state of flux. (11)

16 Atlanta Falcons: Jim Mora motto: Open mouth, insert foot. (14)

17 Tennessee Titans: VY has three games with eight or fewer completions (Titans have won all three). (19)

18 N.Y. Giants: Need Strahan back in worst way. (9)

19 Kansas City Chiefs: K.C. is 25-46 on road last nine years. (13)

20 Miami Dolphins: Joey did great Gary Marangi impersonation last week. (12).

21 Carolina Panthers: Chris Weinke pulls an Andy Hassler: Loses 17 straight starts. (21)

22 St. Louis Rams: Haz's defense ranks 21st. (23)

23 San Francisco 49ers: DT Bryant Young having another good year. (24)

24 Washington Redskins: 'Skins aren't quitting on Joe Gibbs. (25)

25 Green Bay Packers: Super year by CB duo got wasted. (27)

26 Minnesota Vikings: Childress had growing pains as first-year coach. (22)

27 Arizona Cardinals: Lords of Futility. (26)

28 Houston Texans: Stand 0-9 versus the Colts. (28)

29 Cleveland Browns: Four straight years with no Pro Bowlers. (29)

30 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Derrick Brooks' nine-year Pro Bowl streak ends. (30)

31 Detroit Lions: Talk about consistency: Six straight 10-loss seasons. (31)

32 Oakland Raiders: Passed on Leinart & Cutler in favor of Aaron Brooks. As Guinness would say: Brilliant! (32)


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