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Phillips back where he belongs Judge gives pathetic cop killer the treatment he deserves

Perhaps Ralph "Bucky" Phillips had no better send-off than the one from a judge who called the cop killer "irrelevant" as he sentenced him to life in prison.

It was succinct, to the point and, more importantly, the statement echoed the feelings of right-thinking people.

The now-infamous prison escapee eluded law enforcement for months, in the process shooting three state troopers -- Joseph A. Longobardo died and Donald H. Baker Jr. was critically wounded on Aug. 31. Sean Brown was shot and wounded by Phillips on June 10. Those three troopers will always be remembered for their bravery and service to the community. Phillips will be a blot in the history books.

Phillips stood as the pathetic figure he is in front of State Supreme Court Justice Richard C. Kloch Sr., who dismissed the killer's claim that he had no intention of seriously harming the troopers. Tell that to their families.

Speaking of which, family is about the only thing that seems to strike at what remains of the heart in Phillips. Last month, he entered his "guilty as hell" plea in an effort to get authorities to drop the charges against two women for helping him avoid capture. One of those women is his daughter.

Phillips deserves no consideration. He has taken away a hero, to his family and to this community. He has forever marred the lives of those troopers and their families who were lucky enough to survive his attacks.

It's ironic that just before exiting the courtroom, Phillips asked the judge if he could hug his family members. The judge said no. Certainly, the family of Trooper Longobardo would have wanted a hug. Phillips denied a child his father, a wife her husband. It is only fitting that he be forever denied family considerations.

Still, he had the audacity to say within earshot of the wives of Baker and Longobardo, "Ill be back." Prison officials should place Phillips securely in his cell and make sure he remains there, isolated from the decent society he loathes.

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