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Just Asking: Three questions for Keith Ellison

1. Your brother, Kevin, is the starting strong safety at USC. How often do you talk to him?

We talk about twice a week. We talk after his game then after my game we talk and go over what we see. We try and help improve each other's games.

2. What kind of advice do you give Kevin on playing defense?

It depends on how he did during the game. I try and teach him how to make a different tackle, maybe. Usually the thing I try and tell him is to be more aggressive out there. He's young and still learning the game because he's just a sophomore. I just try and give him the knowledge that I have from playing four years of college football and one year now in the NFL.

3. So who's the better player, you or Kevin?

I'm the better player right now, but he's a lot better than me when I was a sophomore in college.

- Rodney McKissic

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