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Fishing Line / By Will Elliott

Lake Erie

West is best for feeder streams along the New York State shoreline.

Eighteen Mile Creek has shown a few good steelies in spurts, but incoming schools have been quick and spaced.

Things pick up in Cattaraugus Creek, but waders often have to work around stained and muddied waters in the main stream. Most savvy steelie seekers find smaller creeks and streams feeding into the main stream.

Tackle and bait -- kinds and sizes -- vary with the many conditions along streams. In general, smaller and shinier seem better. Single-egg patterns -- for real and imitation (jelly-type and tied flies) -- can stir up things when trout get tight-lipped.

"What few anglers who got on streams near here (Derby/Evans area) have been going with minnows lately," said Lee Weber at Weber's Bait & Tackle.

Bill Begier, at Bill's Hooks west of Dunkirk Harbor, has high praise for Canadaway Creek's steady fishery.

"I can usually count on catching and releasing a least one or two (trout) just about every time I go to Canadaway (Creek)," Begier said during Wednesday's chilled morning.

Dunkirk Harbor's waters have chilled enough to draw steelies into the pier and fishing platform. Shore casters do better from the power plant platform at the west end of the harbor. First light is best for an assortment of terminal tackle.


Lower Niagara River / Lake Ontario

Lower Niagara River waters cleared and winds have been a bit lower for boaters headed out from Lewiston.

Drifters finally got back into Devils' Hole early this week and saw a good re-start for steelies.

"They aren't killing them, but they're getting a few good fish," said Ron Hutcheson at A-1 Bait & Tackle at the Lewiston Pier.

Before the muddied river waters and stiff breezes crossed the Niagara Bar, boaters had been doing fairly well with browns and a few lakers on the bar.

"If this clear water continues and the winds cooperate, this could be a great weekend on both the river and lake," Hutcheson said.

Steelhead trout have made their major moves into Oak Orchard Creek and nearby smaller feeders. Waters cooled just enough to bring in the bulk of steelies in many of Ontario's Western New York feeder streams.

Browns vie with steelies for dominance at Eighteen Mile Creek in Olcott below Burt Dam.

Perch have shown in most bays around piers, breakwaters and bridge bases at Wilson, Olcott and Oak Orchard.


Chautauqua Lake

Perch in good numbers almost everywhere, said Lisa Green. She and her husband Brian have just taken over Happy Hooker Bait & Tackle at Ashville. Fathead minnows and tube jigs to round up ringbacks.

For a fishing update on species and spots around the lake, check with the Greens at 763-5815.


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