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Blind Mountain by Jane Resh Thomas (Clarion Books, $15, 117 pages).

Fans of Gary Paulsen's "Hatchet" will enjoy this wilderness survival tale of a 12-year-old boy and his father.

Sam Flynn resents having to go on a day climb into the Rocky Mountains with his father, a doctor who taunts him about his interest in guitar and music and criticizes him non-stop as they climb.

Then Sam's carelessness leaves his father injured, and it's up to Sam to get them safely off the mountain. Resh offers strong characters, interesting lore about nature and solid suspense in this short page-turner.

- Jean Westmoore



How many lights are used to decorate the Christmas tree in New York's Rockefeller Center?

A. 1,200

B. 15,000

C. 30,000

D. 80,000

Answer: C. (Source:

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