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MOVIES: Opening today, "Rocky Balboa" (PG-13, starring Sylvester Stallone); Friday, "We Are Marshall" (PG-13, Matthew McConaughey stars in fact-based drama about a football team killed in a plane crash) and "Night at the Museum" (PG, comedy starring Ben Stiller as a museum security guard).

VIDEO/DVD: Arrived Tuesday, "Lady in the Water" and "My Super Ex-Girlfriend"; Jan. 2, "School For Scoundrels."

CONCERTS: Saturday, Xtreme Wheels on Hertel, Hold Your Ground, Leora, I Shot Me a Mallard, Lost, Idiedinyoursleep.

Dec. 29, Xtreme Wheels, Umberland, Air Based, Derek Walters, The Kismet, Lucky Charms.

Dec. 30, Xtreme Wheels, The Human Abstract, The Line Dance Massacre.



Instead of buying presents this year, consider making charitable donations in honor of your family and friends. To help you make informed decisions, visit the Charity Navigator Web site (www.charitynavigator .com).

Charity Navigator analyzes the expenses of nonprofit organizations, rates the groups on how efficiently they use their funds and ranks their potential for growth. Each charity profile also includes a brief comparison to other organizations of similar size and focus. Charity Navigator also features articles with tips on charitable giving. They cover topics such as how to identify online scams, questions to ask charities before donating to them and how to contribute in times of crisis such as Hurricane Katrina.

- Eric Goodwin, McClatchy- Tribune News Service



Everyone else is doing it, so why not us? Here are a few gift ideas that may appeal to both guys and girls (we tried, anyway!):

THE CARTOON ADDICT: Cartoon Network's "Ben 10" is one of the top 'toons on the network. Give your cartoon-lover one of the show's collectible figurines. We like the "Metamorfigures," such as one called Heatblast, which transforms from a guy into a flashlight ($12.99). Find the figures at toy and retail stores nationwide.

THE FORGETFUL ONE: Energizer's Energi To Go instant cell phone charger ($20) comes in specific models that work with 80 percent of cell phone brands on the market today, so the only catch is you have to know the brand and model of the cell phone. (Check at Find it at Best Buy, Target and many other stores.

THE SPLURGE ITEM: Levi has designed a pair of jeans that is specifically made to stash and play your iPod. Their RedWire DLX jeans ($250!, in men's and women's styles) have a discreet storage pocket, so your expensive toy isn't out in the open, plus a built-in controller on a special pocket, and a retractable holder for your earbuds. Read more at

THE SWEET TOOTH: Treat your friends with a sweet tooth to a "naughty" or "nice" sundae from Baskin-Robbins. They have some deliciously evil treats like their naughty Lumps of Coal Sundae with World Class Chocolate and chocolate ice creams on top of brownie pieces and hot fudge - plus Heath pieces, whipped cream and more chocolate.


QUOTE OF THE DAY "I could be dropped out of a plane over mid- America and whatever roof I landed on, chances are they'd offer me dinner."

- Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, on the perks of being a rock star, in People.

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