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Mohan pulls plans to privatize services

Amherst Town Supervisor Satish B. Mohan on Monday withdrew his proposals to privatize the town's sewer plant, golf courses and compost facility after Town Board members convinced him the plans needed redrafting.

Mohan said he will offer new resolutions early next year.

"This is just an attempt to show the people what we have done is the best. This is just to make us more robust," Mohan said.

A key question is how much it costs to run the facilities, Council Member William L. Kindel told Mohan during a 30-minute debate.

For the past decade, Kindel has been the board's sole advocate for privatizing the management of Plant 16, the town's sewage treatment plant, as well as golf courses and a composting facility.

But just when it appeared he had won over a key ally, Mohan, Kindel said Mohan's plans are "premature."

"How can we privatize when we don't know how much the town spends on them?" he asked.

Kindel and most board members expressed support for Mohan's resolutions, but several asked for more detail and information. However, Council Member Daniel J. Ward described the proposals as "a wolf in sheep's clothing."

"This is a union-busting enterprise, and we ought to say that," Ward said.

Ward reminded Mohan he is a member of a union representing university professors and said he doubted Mohan's union would favor his plans.

"You're saying nobody is going to lose their jobs. That is just not true," Ward told Mohan.

But Mohan rejected the criticisms, saying his proposals are aimed at improving the management of the facilities and improving services.

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