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Christmas music stars, ends too early

I love Christmas and Christmas music, but this year's radio play has me really bothered. Both Buffalo radio stations that play exclusively Christmas music for the holiday season start earlier and earlier. It seems as if they compete with each other to see who can get it on the air first.

And it's not bad enough that they are rushing the holiday season by pushing Christmas music down our throats on a full-time basis even before we get to Thanksgiving, but the fact that the songs they run are repeating every few hours. There is plenty of holiday music out there without having to hear reruns.

There are archives and archives of Christmas music, so why not tap into those oldies but goodies and let us hear tons of songs, without the same ones being played over and over? The stations have all year to plan for this event and could make it a truly memorable holiday musical season.

We don't need to hear just the current artists like Celine Dion or Sarah McLaughlan. Let's get out that old Bing Crosby, Dean Martin and the many '50s and '60s artists who have recorded holiday music. It would be really great to hear some of those old holiday songs.

If you really listen to some of the words in the songs, they are truly depressing. This is a holiday time, a time for gladness and fun; a time for being upbeat and happy. Save those songs for another time. Life is unfair sometimes, but I really don't want to hear about it just for this one time of the year.

What I think would be a better idea is to work your way up gradually to 24 hours of solid Christmas music. Start in November, if you must, but play some regular songs and a Christmas song in between. As Christmas gets closer, play less regular music and keep adding the holiday songs until you get really close, and then wham-bam - 24 hours of Christmas songs.

And now, in mid-December, they already are running ads for Dec. 26 and the fact that they will return to the regular no-repeat workday music. Let me get this right - they jam the full-time Christmas music down our throats starting in mid-November, and now here we are, still a week away from Christmas, and they are telling us that the music will be over Dec. 26.

Last time I looked at my calendar, the holidays spanned the whole week from Dec. 25 to Jan. 1, and that is the time that you really like to listen to the music, during the holidays.

Wouldn't it be nice to turn on the radio during the week after Christmas, while we are still have work and home parties, and hear that great holiday tune that may bring back memories from your childhood?

That Christmas music sets the mood for so many of our parties and get- togethers; and now we could use it, but oh no, it's gone already, because by now, most radio stations are pretty sick of it. They've done their part, and Christmas is over.

My only request, Buffalo radio, is to start later and play longer.

Barb Brader lives in Cheektowaga.

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