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Marriage Licenses


Christopher A. Cook and Emily I. Patton.

Hailemariam Doucet and Portia C. Rodolph.

Terrance D. Elliott and Jayna M. Drury.

Wayne C. Gaige and Barbara L. Cooper.

Bryan Gary and Amie J. Pratt.

Keith R. Hooper and Constance C. Giessert.

Thomas D. Hynes and Lynn L. Watkins.

Antonio S. Jordan and Angela Maymi.

Jon J. Klaybor and Svetlana I. Belyakova.

Ronald H. Lelito and Amy L. Chandler.

Kenneth L. Morris and Barbara J. Morris.

Robert L. Nesbitt Jr. and Valerie G. Miller.

William O'Neil Jr. and Carla H. McClain.

Pablo E. Ortiz Navedo and Jessica M. Figueroa.

Branden L. Pirong and Jessica R. Maynard.

Corey A. Powell and Twiala S. Powell.

David B. Reichert and Karen E. Willis.

Brian J. Renowden and Erin J. Smith.

Michael J. Smith and Maria A. Smith.

Eric D. Vosburgh and Sheila A. Mullen.

Bradley A. Wales and Elizabeth A. Elkins.

Dion M. Williams and Rashawn T. Owens.

Willie E. Willis and Shalika T. Humphrey.

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