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Irv in Irvine

He made an impression on area viewers for 36 years at Channel 7, and Irv Weinstein made an impression this week on the citizens of his adopted hometown, Irvine, Calif.

That's Irv with the camera in a picture taken by Sonya Smith of the Orange County Register at the swearing in of the city's mayor, Beth Krom.

Krom, now entering her second term as mayor, is Irv's daughter, and Irv's efforts to photograph the ceremony elicited quite a reaction.

"The council chambers were filled with about 200 or 300 people," he said. "They guessed I was the mayor's father, and when I turned around to go to my seat, there was this thunderous applause, which I acknowledged with my usual 'V' for victory sign."

Off Main can almost hear Irv now: Papa Proud as Progeny Produces at Polls.


Sweet on the Sens

Santa was stupefied.

Listening last weekend to children at Santaland at Chestnut Ridge Park, Santa Claus reported on the sports blog that he heard plenty of pleas from kids for stuff related to the red hot Buffalo Sabres.

Then came the young boy who presented his list, which included a hockey jersey.

"Tell Santa what team, dear," his mom said.

"The Senators, Santa," the boy said.

Santa -- who carried the driver's license of Kevin Hosey, director of communications for the Erie County Legislature Democratic majority -- told Off Main the boy's mother just shook her head.

"He's been like this ever since his dad got Center Ice," she said, referring to the all-hockey TV package.

"They watch hockey all the time."


Deo Favente

The Catholic Diocese of Buffalo's Office of Communications has a new message in its holiday greetings this year for those who objected to the 2005 Christmas card.

They might get some calls in the office anyway -- from people inquiring what the card means.

Last year at this time, the office took some heat for sending out holiday cards that wished peace and a "beautiful holiday season," while making no specific mention of Christmas.

In this year's version of the card, there's no mistaking Jean Baptiste Marie Pierre's rendition of the Nativity scene as anything but the birth of Jesus.

Inside is where people might get lost, unless they recall their high school Latin classes.

It says: "Et Verbum caro factum est. Et habitavit in nobis.

"Translated, the phrase reads, "And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us," from the Gospel of John.

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