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>Zoning Board rejects apartment complex plans

LEWISTON -- After months of protest from neighbors, the village Zoning Board put an end to plans for a expanded apartment complex on South Seventh and Seneca streets.

Zoning Board Chairman H. John Ritter said Tuesday night that the plans were turned down simply because the current complex on the site is a nonconforming use and the board "cannot grant a variance to expand a nonconforming use."

Brothers Jeffrey and Jerry Williams owned the existing 30-unit complex and had asked in September to expand to 42 units, adding approximately 6,000 more square feet.

Residents had protested, calling the area already overdeveloped.

Ritter said the board went through the 12 variances needed to approve the expansion and turned down 10 of the 12.

"The bottom line is that the project cannot go forward," said Ritter.

He said both the village and Niagara County planning boards recommended that the expansion project be denied.


>Red Cross reception to unveil new vehicle

NIAGARA FALLS -- The Niagara Falls Chapter of the American Red Cross will hold a reception from 3 to 4 p.m. Dec. 20 for public viewing of its new emergency response vehicle.

Red Cross emergency response vehicles assist volunteers in providing food, communications, and mass care services in local and national disasters.

The public reception will be in Red Cross headquarters, 2079 Sawyer Drive.

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