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The inside track on TV

Here are some additional Web sites that will fill your brain with all the latest news and gossip related to the TV industry. Be forewarned: these sites often aim to offend and shock. That being said, they can also be pretty darn smart and funny, too.


Calling itself the "gossip rag" that Los Angeles deserves, this Web site tracks the happenings in the "world's cultural capital." Anytime a TV or movie star or executive does anything worth noting -- and ridiculing -- you'll find it captured here. Related to the Web site.


FAMETRACKER -- www.fametracker

This site, which bills itself as the "Farmer's Almanac of Celebrity Worth," was founded by one of the women who started "TWOP." Lots of hilarious regular bits appear, including "Celebrity vs. Thing," in which real-life celebs are weighed in value against inanimate objects (would you take Matthew Broderick over French toast?), and "The Fame Audit," which measures how much fame a star really deserves. Addictive.



This site, less eye-catching than the others mentioned here, nevertheless offers some cool content including "Best Episode" lists which name the 50 best episodes of TV shows in a given year.

-- Charity Vogel

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