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Restaurants / Niagara County restaurant inspections

At least once a year, every establishment in Niagara County that serves food is inspected by the county Health Department.

Those considered high-risk -- because they serve children or the elderly, or serve foods that require a lot of processing or are prepared hours or days before serving -- are inspected at least twice a year.

Exemplary establishments receive no rating. Violations are classified as critical problems that could lead to food-borne illness, which must be remedied immediately; or problems involving sanitation, design, maintenance and cleanliness, which must be corrected by the inspector's next visit.



Upper Mountain Volunteer Fire Company, 830 Moyer Road. No violations. Inspected Sept. 28.



Wagners, 246 Park Ave. One critical violation: Roast beef on line was not at safe hot temperature due to addition of cold roast beef, met two-hour time frame, beef was reheated. Three others: Various floor tiles are missing throughout kitchen, and wall by dish machine is not easily cleanable; some light shields are missing in basement; wood shelving in dry storage is not easily cleanable. Inspected Oct. 3.

Fratelli Pizza & Subs, 616 West Ave. No critical violations. Two others: Self-closing device and paper towels are missing from restrooms, and soap is missing from hand-wash sink, corrected at this time; ceiling tiles are missing from dry storage and restroom. Inspected Oct. 4.

DiCenso's Restaurant, 436 West Ave. One critical violation: Pots of sauce and meatballs and clam chowder in walk-in cooler are found not at safe cold temperatures (foods are removed and not allowed to be served). One other: Can of ant killer is found on basement stairway (removed from premises). Inspected Oct. 6.

Niagara Hotel, 58 N. Transit St. No critical violations. One other: New thermometers are needed for both bar coolers. Inspected Oct. 23.

Pizza Hut, 5687 S. Transit Road. One critical violation: Large can of cherries and one can of chick peas are found in walk-in cooler with dents on the seams (cans were removed for return to manufacturer). Inspected Oct. 6.

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