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Plans sent back to the drawing board

Developers of the proposed Brookfield subdivision were told Monday to reduce the size of a drainage pond and move it south before their plans would be considered.

At the conclusion of a two-hour public hearing on the 85-lot development planned on Ward Road, Supervisor Timothy E. Demler said the Town Board would not look at the proposal until the changes were made.

The 1.78-acre pond, which is part of the drainage system for the 65-acre subdivision, is too big and too close to the adjacent residential properties on Brent Drive. As planned, it would attract too many unwanted geese and could pose a safety threat to nearby children, opponents said.

The pond is actually a new version of what was proposed at the Oct. 16 hearing. At that previous meeting, developers were asked to redraw the plans to remove an access road.

Tim Arlington of Apex Consulting, Survey & Engineering Services said the resulting pond is about 35 percent bigger than the original because it needs to take on drainage from properties planned for the north side of the development as well as some existing homes on Brent Drive. To comply with the concerns voiced at the first meeting, the pond was moved 10 feet south, and a 6-foot-tall fence was suggested.

Without the second road, a larger pond is needed, Arlington explained.

Most of the neighbors said they felt the pond could be relocated farther south on the development, away from Brent. Not only would geese be attracted to the pond but so would curious children, it was noted.

Arlington said he wasn't sure if the new demands could be met by the Nov. 13 board meeting but said he would take another look at it. He said he doubted whether existing grading plans would be enough to sufficiently carry storm water away.

Demler said he wanted the board to review the drainage water calculations before any vote was taken. Although the board may not be able to deny the plans, it could instill requirements that would meet the concerns of the surrounding area.

Two weeks ago, developers were asked to remove one of the access roads to Ward because it would create too much traffic congestion. Timothy Walck, the town's engineer from Wendel Duchscherer Architects and Engineers, said a recent state study found the development would add more problems to the existing traffic situation.


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