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Reporters' Notebook / Bits and pieces of news...

OLAF FUB SEZ: According to American aviator and war hero Eddie Rickenbacker (1890-1973), "If a thing is old, it is a sign that it was fit to live . . . The guarantee of continuity is quality."


REMINDER: Daylight Saving Time ends at 2 a.m. Sunday. Move your clocks back one hour.


REMEMBERING -- Saturday will mark the 120th anniversary of the dedication of the Statue of Liberty, a gift from the people of France, in New York Harbor by President Grover Cleveland, former mayor of Buffalo and former governor of New York.


CLAM CHOWDER will be sold starting at 11 a.m. Sunday by the Marilla Volunteer Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary at the Fire Hall, Two Rod Road and West Avenue, Marilla. Prices are $3 a bowl, $7 a quart and $28 a gallon. A roll and butter can be bought for 75 cents, pies for $2 and other desserts for $1. For information, call 937-4459.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY -- Katie Panek, Jan Dueringer, Bill Noblett, Gloria Blesy, Sue Sasiadek, Jim Garvey, Carolyn Koelmel, Dorothy Mazur, Daniel Braun, Bernice Daley, William Klementowski, Sue Graham, Danny O'Leary, Tom Boris.

SATURDAY -- Dorothy Parisi, Molly Mykich, Aaron Goodwin, Sariah Grace Hakes, Amanda Campbell, Robert Pohlman, Ed Weishaupt, Bruce Moser, Mathew Parker, Msgr. Onofrio Smiraldo, Kyle Zenelotti, William James Starzynski, Rochelle Roustum, Mary Ellen Prell, Lisa Kessler, June Ward, Janet Curtin, Michael R. Parr.

AND SUNDAY -- Irene Becker, Barbara Klopp, Luke Webb, Cathy Carfagna, Kellie A. Rooth, Denise McCabe, Jenna Hassett, Derek Sobczak, Matthew Migas, Arlene Burgio, Kimberly Wiatrowski, Kim Greiner Hartnett, Donna Lalli, Maggie McLaughlin, Aunt Clara Gigendorfer, Shaun Vartels.


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