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BMHA discusses security options

Security options other than a police force were discussed during Thursday's regular business meeting of the board of the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority.

Anthony N. Diina, president of Metrodata Services in Buffalo, outlined security alternatives, specifically electronic security and crime prevention.

"We're just looking for some other options that may be available to improve security throughout the developments," said board Chairman Michael Seaman.

In March 2005, the commissioners voted to eliminate the 26-member police force as part of budget cuts, hoping to save about $2 million.

At the time, some criticized the move as a bad idea for the housing tenants and city police, who have had to pick up the slack. And it's been a concern among residents since.

"People don't feel safe. I can't go to a tenant council meeting without people coming up to me asking me about security and telling me how we need to do something," said Commissioner Leonard Williams, who was elected a tenant commissioner from the Kenfield housing development in June.

"When I was campaigning, the biggest concern to residents was safety. Without a doubt, that was the main issue," said Commissioner Joseph Mascia, a Marine Drive resident who was elected tenant commissioner in June.

Diina's presentation Thursday was in response to residents' concerns about the lack of a security force.

Diina said Metrodata, which specializes in electronic security and crime prevention, has been in the security business for 30 years.

"We do that by installing deterrent elements to keep crimes out," including security cameras, motion detectors, and electronic access controls or keyless entry.

"As far as I can see, security cameras don't prevent the holdup or the crime," Mascia said. "The only deterrent to crime is a live body on the premises."


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