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Death-metal band makes a statement

The band Victim of Sunday takes on all of the conventions of music and breaks all the stereotypical rules.

The black metal band's head-banging, hair-flying, mosh pit scene is quickly gaining popularity and recognition with the main focus of letting their voices be heard.

Jared Pease, a sophomore at Park School, is lead vocalist. Lead guitarist is Matt DiStazzio, a sophomore at St. Joseph's Collegiate. Two sophomores from Williamsville South, drummer Nate Hirsch and bass guitarist Kevin Muck, complete the group.

"We all come from different sides of metal, creating an interesting and unique musical blend," said Jared, the main catalyst for formation of the group. Jared and Nate were longtime neighbors and decided to form a band, which began life as a punk band. Matt knew Nate from elementary school. Eventually Kevin entered the mix of what became a death metal band.

Band members say the name Victim of Sunday was carefully created in order to ensure that it made the right statement about life's many social restrictions. "Our music reflects on our feelings that we are victims of religion and other limitations imposed by traditional societies, making the name fit perfectly," said Jared. Kevin said: "We are trying to break the mold by introducing metal and getting our style out there." Jared writes the lyrics and each member writes their instrument's part, creating a crazy and unique sound.

Victim of Sunday has recorded five songs in Jared's home studio, including "No Feeling", a song that reflects on the apathy that results from being bombarded by everything at once. Currently, Victim of Sunday is producing a music video for "No Feeling" to be released on their Web site, in hopes of attracting more listeners.

Victim of Sunday cites a variety of influences including mainstream bands like Metallica, Nirvana, and Slayer. Many lesser-known bands such as Lamb of God, Cannibal Corpse, Primus, Blind Melon, and Trivium, influence the band's sound as well.

The band mainly practices at Jared's house twice a week, four times a week before a show. "We're so ridiculously into the music that we want to play as much as we can, whether it's through practice or a show," said Nate.

Victim of Sunday played its first show at a benefit in North Tonawanda last December and has since played at Club Infinity and the Coffee House in Williamsville.

"This type of music is my form of expression," said Matt. "It isn't for everyone but it allows me to say what I want and act how I want. I think that everyone should expand their musical horizons and give metal a chance."

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Jessica Yox is a junior at Sacred Heart Academy.

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