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AHOY! A treasure chest of pirate books

So you've seen "Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest" 16 times and you're still wanting more? Are you dreading the long weeks until the DVD release, or worse, the full year until "Pirates 3"? Perhaps these books will hold you over and keep the pirates in your heart until then.

Pirates!: The True and Remarkable Adventures of Minerva Sharpe and Nancy Kington, Female Pirates (Celia Rees, Bloomsbury, $16.95)

Intelligent and ambitious Nancy Kington didn't fit in with the proper young ladies at the fancy balls in the 1700s. After her father dies and the family finances collapse, Nancy is promised in marriage to an evil monster of a man. Nancy and her slave friend run off to join a pirate crew where they dress as men, steal, and narrowly escape capture as Nancy searches for her childhood friend and true love, Will. Sound familiar?

The intricate and interesting plot with rich, exotic characters makes this book a true treasure chest. The Pirate


Queen: A Timewalker Journey (Christina Bauer, Blue Works, $14.99, 269 pages)

Without realizing how, 13-yearold Jessica Ross catapults herself from modern-day Ireland into a battle at sea beside Pirate Queen Grace O'Malley, who begs Jess to find her treasure. Jess soon learns she is a part of a group known as Timewalkers. Though the title is "The Pirate Queen", pirating takes a backseat to the Timewalker storyline. However, the novel allows a look into the life of Grace O'Malley, an actual 16th century irate. The novel contains many scenes with superb pirate lore, including when O'Malley meets up with Queen Elizabeth I, an event rumored to actually have happened.


Treasure Island (Robert Louis Stevenson, Aladdin Classics, $3.99)

When a rum-drinking pirate dies in his family's inn, leaving behind a treasure map, young Jim Hawkins and two friends set off to find it. The three round up a ship and crew, including the now-infamous Long John Silver. Soon the crew turns mutinous and Jim and his friends are pitted against Silver's pirate crew in their deadly race to the treasure.

This book taught the world all that we now believe about pirates: X marks the spot, talking parrots, peg-legged pirates, and most of all, buried treasure! "Treasure Island" is a beloved classic that is worth its weight in pieces of eight.


The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi, Avon Camelot Books, $4.50)

Covered head to toe in lace, corsets, and petticoats, Charlotte Doyle, at 13, knows only to follow the orders of her superiors and to not act below her class. All changes once Charlotte steps aboard ship on a voyage to join her family in America. As the crew plots mutiny, Charlotte becomes a member of the crew, ridding herself of her repressive clothing, life, and former self. This Newbery Honor Book is a thrilling tale of courage.


Pirates (John Matthews, Athenum Books for Young Readers, $19.95)

Do you know your foremast from your main mast, or how the Jolly Roger got its name? This nonfiction treasure answers these questions and separates fact from fiction in pirate lore. Each page is absolutely beautiful with original paintings and pictures on "blood splattered" parchment. Just follow the wax seals throughout the book and you will unearth your very own treasure, "The Little Book of Pirate Slang", a treasure map, and much more. Shiver me timbers!


Pirate Soul: A Swashbuckling Journey Through The Golden Age of Pirates (Pat Croce, Running Press Publishers, $29.99)

"Pirate Soul" provides detailed accounts of everything you love about pirates during the Golden Age of piracy from 1690-1730. It's filled with intricate illustrations showing the romantic side to pirate lore and authentic pirate artifact pictures and pull-outs, many of which are a part of Pat Croche's collection at his Pirate Soul Museum in Key West, Fla.

Carlene Miller is a freshman at Alden.

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