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Marriage Licenses

Hugo A. Acosta and Lizbeth Zaragoza.

Scott Thomas Barry and Caroline Kooshoian.

Frans E. Bogardus and Mona S. Fetouh.

Vincent E. Collins and Jessica A. Willis.

Stephen Dixon Culliton and Alyson Catherine Wutz.

Alexander R. Dunn and Jamie M. Tomilo.

James J. Fitzgerald and Heidi J. Hankla.

Nick Furrow Jr. and Ishtar Goston.

Aaron J. Garey and Dominique H. Surncey.

Hayward M. Hunter and Ruth Sims.

Rai J. Johnson and Nichole M. Bursie.

Shaun Johnson and LaSharisse Dominique Rembert.

Adam Dane Jolley and Jill Marie Wiech.

Dennis M. Kocyba Jr. and Karen M. Zimpfer.

Erik A. Kukkonen and Kathryn S. Warner.

Lee Van Manuel and Katherina Vernice Ortiz.

Enrique Luis Marrero III and Rachel Katharine Saeli.

Jorge Alcides Martinez and Brenda Berdugo-Guzman.

Maximiliano Andres Merlos and Ashley Nicole Mousseau.

Kevin V. Murray and Lisa M. Barone.

Jaime Fidel Nunez Norales and Alice Daisy Bernardez.

Jessie Pabon and Margarita Rivera.

Steven Priest and Jennifer Marie Prusakowski.

Richard Rodriguez and Dayte Padilla.

Darnell J. Salter and Tristin J. Martin.

Jose L. Sanchez and Paola Ester Furment.

Peter X. Schreier and Kelly A. Morgan.

George A. Smith and Yajaira Adorno.

Perry J. Smothers and Darlene Paris.

Leon J. Sweat and Patricia D. Prucnal.

Almir De Paula Tavares and Kirsten Helen Stein.

Anthony Darryl Taylor and Betty L. Fenderson.

James Paul Tokasz and Jennifer Ann Mazzetti.

Jose Ivan Torres and Yaleyska Medina-Gonzalez.

Sherman Louis Turner and Rachel Kigamwa.

John T. Whitlock and Brenda J. Rush.

Andrey Vladimirovich Zaitsev and Elena Valentina Komarova.

Emmanuel S. Ortiz and Jessica R. Gooch.

Ivory L. Payne and Wendy S. Venable.

Adam P. Puleo and Kristina E. Canterbury.

Jose A. Rivera Jr. and Ivette M. Pagan.

Adam M. Shaver and Kelley L. Klemann.

Ricky L. Skipper and Deanna L. Sacks.

Richard V. Steen and Veronika A. Peterson.

William F. Storie and Teresa M. Tagliarini.

Jeffrey M. Sulkowski and Tabatha L. Mekelburg.

Timur N. Vagidov and Elena M. Velazquez.

Antonio M. Wiggins and Elicia A. Monroe.

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