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Time out for 30 Seconds to Mars

Who says a successful crossover can't happen? 30 Seconds to Mars, the space rock group fronted/overshadowed by actor Jared Leto, played at the Town Ballroom on Sunday. And unlike most actors who have made bad attempts to make it in the music world, the show was filled with unbelievable energy and enthusiasm.

After music from Emanuel and lots of verbal abuse from Aiden, the Town Ballroom went black. Music built up for nearly four minutes as fans waited with anticipation for the band, and then: Enter Leto. The band started with a big bang, instantly going into "A Beautiful Lie." Dressed in black and illuminated with red strobe lights, the band went through all the typical fan favorites from "30 Seconds to Mars" and "A Beautiful Lie," including "Capricorn (A Brand New Name)" and "The Kill." The show ended with their most popular song, "Attack," and it seemed rather abrupt; it was only the eighth song. But predictably, they came with little hesitation, doing a three-song encore before finally calling it quits.

More interesting than the music, though, was the frontman. For years, rumors have been spread about Jared Leto's big ego and his curtness with fans, so I must admit that I wasn't expecting much from him. But Leto went on to exceed my expectations. None of the show seemed phony or rehearsed; in fact, he seemed exceptionally kind to the crowd. He took requests from the crowd, brought a 6-year-old girl on stage (I can only imagine what she thought of the f-bombs he dropped in nearly every sentence), showered Buffalo with countless compliments (as to whether he does that to every city, I don't know. But he sure was convincing), stayed after to sign CDs, and bassist Matt Wachter even stayed after the show to give massages.

Not to mention the crowd was ultra-enthusiastic. They were singing along to nearly every song so loudly that I could hear them perfectly despite the speakers I was sitting right next to (a seating decision I instantly regretted). Ballad songs brought out lots of lighters and cell phones, and high energy songs summoned mosh pits and endless crowd surfing. All in all, the crowd was very into it. The band always refers to their fans as an "army," and their devotion definitely shows why.

And to top everything off, Leto had a special surprise for the fans: Apparently, the show is going to be part of an upcoming "30 Seconds to Mars" DVD. Who knew Buffalo was so loved? The band still isn't taken seriously by most music critics due to its frontman, but their concert definitely showed that Leto has a true passion for his musical career, and that his band really means business.

Jason Silverstein is a freshman at Williamsville North.

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