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Strong debut for People in Planes

Every year brings us many new up-and-coming bands, but most of them seem to be nothing more than over-hyped mediocrity that won't go very far in the future (cough, cough, The Killers; cough, cough, Panic! at the Disco). But this year, there is at least one new band that isn't all just fuss: People in Planes.

All right, maybe the name isn't too catchy (one of my friends described it as a "turnoff"), but let's look past that. People in Planes is a quintet from Cardiff, Wales, made up of vocalist Gareth Jones, guitarist Peter Roberts, bassist Kris Blight, drummer John Maloney and keyboardist Ian Russell. Calling these guys the next Radiohead might seem like a bit of an exaggeration at first, but give these guys a listen first.

To call their debut album, "As Far As the Eye Can See," an excellent debut wouldn't be strong enough. The band makes a tremendous first impression with an hour-long album that holds up from start to finish and doesn't show any signs of amateurish or unfocused direction. It's an album where every song is masterful, yet it holds up very well as a whole.

There is a range of musical styles on this 12-song disc; Some of the songs are angry rock tunes ("Barracuda" and "Black Widow"), some are mellow alternative songs ("Moth" and "For Miles Around"), and some are just plain creepy ("Rush" and "Fire").

Every track will make you want to hit the back button on your CD player, and expect to become addicted to the CD after your first listen.

All right, you've read enough raving. What are you waiting for? Go online and listen to songs by these guys or buy the CD. I expect these guys to be a big hit this year, and I'm eager to see how they follow up such a spectacular debut.

Jason Silverstein is a freshman at Williamsville North.

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