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Meet Sean, the weather forecaster at Orchard Park Middle

A dozen middle-school kids are scrambling around a classroom getting the morning announcements ready and setting up the newscast set. In a matter of two minutes, the room is quiet and a young director begins the countdown. "Mikes in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1."

Sarah Stanton and Angela Salerno chat about the school's announcements.

After that, Sarah sings a little introduction for the "weatherman": "It's rainy, it's cloudy, and now here's Sean with the weather!"

"Good morning everyone," says Sean Hogan. "It's going to be warmer then it was yesterday!"

Sean, a seventh-grader at Orchard Park Middle School, is the weatherman for his school's morning newscast. Instead of the traditional morning announcements on the public address system, Orchard Park students present their announcements on television in a program known as MSTV.

There's a good deal of work involved each morning to get the announcements on and running.

"Getting here really, really early so that we can set up," said Jean Dryja, the teacher who serves as the news studio adviser.

The students have to set up and tear down the news studio everyday. "The studio doubles as a classroom, my classroom," Dryja explained.

But not only is there the setting up and tearing down every day but always having to update the technology.

"It also entails constant updating of technology, and things change very quick in the technology field," she said.

To prepare himself for the morning, every night Sean writes up a script with the current temperature for morning. "I print out the script, two scripts. One is a blank copy to write down any other thing and the other is for the seven-day forecast."

Sean tells the students what the forecast is looking like for that day. Sometimes if there's time at the end he will tell them what the forecast is looking like for the rest of the week.

Sean has become pretty popular among his classmates.

"A lot of people have been asking me for my autograph. I just give it to them; I don't have a problem with it."

Even though he is getting attention from his classmates, that isn't his favorite part."I like just telling the weather," said Sean. "I think it's fun and this helps me to when I get into my career and start and to where I want to get to, my goal."

Watching the three major local channels, 2, 4 and 7, got Sean interested in weather. But his major inspiration was going to channel 2 News as a Kid Caster over the summer.

Something Sean would like to do is to improve on not messing up and get used to being on television.

"As I get older and hopefully get into a career, not messing up as much and getting used to being on camera."

Katie Ruda is a junior at Frontier.

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