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MOVIES: Opening March 31, "The Ice Age 2"; April 21, "Hoot" (based on Carl Hiaasen novel).

NEW ON VIDEO/DVD: Arrived Tuesday, "King Kong" and "Memoirs of a Geisha"; April 4, "Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"; April 11, "Fun With Dick and Jane" (stars Jim Carrey); May 2, "The Family Stone"; May 9, "Rumor Has It"; May 16, "The Ringer"; May 23, "Cheaper by the Dozen 2."


*Tonight, Motion City Soundtrack, Town Ballroom

*Friday at Xtreme Wheels, Monster Squad, Action, The City Creeps, The Ghouls, Tainted Army, Premium Benji.

*Saturday, at Xtreme Wheels, bands Hit the Light, Just Surrender, Rookie of the Year, Colors in the Air.

*Monday at Xtreme Wheels, Pistol ITA and more.

*April 20, Alkaline Trio With Against Me, Dome Theater, Niagara Falls.

*April 21, Fall Out Boy with All American Rejects and Hawthorne Heights, HSBC Arena.

*Aug. 1: Warped Tour at Six Flags Darien Lake.


Jack Black hosts the Kids Choice awards on Nickelodeon at 8 p.m. Saturday. U.S. Olympic Bronze Medal moguls skier Toby Dawson will attempt a gravity-defying freestyle ski stunt off a snowy slope plunging him into a vat of slime. A SpongeBob SquarePants marathon precedes the show, from 6 to 8.



Once you accept the ridiculous setup for the plot (that an 18-year-old in the Witness Protection Program would be stupid enough to audition for something like "American Idol"), you can sit back and enjoy the thrill ride of "Jack's Run" by Roland Smith (Hyperion, $15.99, 246 pages), the sequel to "Zach's Lie." Resourceful Jack again matches wits with a South American druglord and Smith plays out the suspense like a master, right up to the riproaring finale.

-- Jean Westmoore



Shadow of the Colossus (PS2, $39.99) is a truly revolutionary game created by Sony Computer Entertainment. The setting at the beginning of the game shows a beautifully lit altar and a boy carrying a girl in his arms. You find out that the boy is trying to save the girl's soul but can only do so by destroying several stone statues in the temple. The catch is that the statues can only be destroyed by defeating the mammoth colossi that roam the lands.

The overall presentation of "Colossus" is a fantastic display of Playstation 2's ability. Graphicwise, this game is one of the best around. Everything from lighting to character and enemy movements are executed perfectly. "Colossus" really distinguishes itself in how combat is executed. To defeat a colossus you need to find a way to get to a glowing point which is usually located on the head, but is sometimes found on other parts of the colossus. For many of the battles you will have to climb up the gigantic creatures in order to kill them and this will often involve them trying to throw you from their body.

Since the map is so large, you have a horse to help you get to your destination more quickly. This is the only component of the game that seemed to be lacking. The horse is much faster and sometimes necessary to defeat a specific colossus, but can sometimes be troublesome as well. If you are near a ledge it may be good to walk or the horse stalls to avoid falling.

"Shadow of the Colossus" is a truly unique experience that has a great balance of game play and visual design. Aside from a few minor flaws this game is great for gamers of any age. If you want to play a game with platforming, excellent combat, and where you need to use your mind, this is the game for you. Rated T for teen. Review: 4 stars (Out of 4)

-- Garrison Dusza, Hamburg



Aside from their infamous fake live CD, the one thing that has always been lacking from the 15-year existence of gothic metal band Type O Negative was a live treatment. That problem is finally resolved with the band's new DVD, "Symphony for the Devil." The DVD has the band's performance at the Bizarre Festival '99, where they performed in front of almost 90,000 people. The band, dressed in black (as usual), plows through a 16-song set, doing fan favorites such as "Love You to Death" and "Black No. 1." The concert is cut with various interludes of camcorder-shot footage of the band up to its typical mischief backstage. Along with the 100-minute concert, the DVD comes with a 25-minute interview with the band, which boasts their signature sense of humor, as well as a bonus CD containing the band's rendition of several Santana songs.

-- Jason Silverstein, Williamsville North



The SAT is coming up Saturday. In the wake of the revelation that rain-soaked answer sheets caused scoring errors on 4,000 SAT tests given in October, Princeton Review has set test-takers' tragic tales to music in "Rainy Day SAT Blues #4000," its newest offering in its Princeton Review Vocabulary Minute podcasts. Click online: ult.asp. Princeton Review's Vocabulary Minute podcasts are free songs that aim to improve vocabulary through music. You can subscribe to the podcasts and have them automatically delivered or download through iTunes, MyYahoo!, Google and others.



"I love to cry in movies. If you don't allow yourself to feel emotions, you're robbing yourself of life. Call me a sissy, but I think the person who's afraid to cry is weird."

-- Nick Lachey, in Teen People magazine.

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