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Geiger-mania begins

With a musical style that's somewhere between John Mayer and Gavin DeGraw, lyrics that are stunningly deep for a teenager, and his good looks (let's face it, the boy is just too cute!), it's just a matter of time before the Teddy Geiger mania begins.

That is, if it hasn't already started; between his role on the now-defunct TV series "Love Monkey," an appearance on Miss Seventeen, and the release of his single "For You I Will (Confidence)," the name Teddy Geiger can be heard all over. With the release of his debut CD, "Underage Thinking," Geiger proves that he deserves every ounce of the publicity he's getting.

The album starts out with "These Walls," a track that becomes almost too "DeGraw wannabe," mainly in the music itself, but Geiger does it well. Then, of course, there's "For You I Will," the first single off the CD; it's a good song, and probably a decent pick for the first single, but many other songs on the album are more sophisticated and really showcase Geiger's talent -- which, when you know the music is coming from a teenager, is some pretty impressive stuff. Not just for a teenager either but really any musician.

"Thinking Underage" is certainly the most soulful, unique track on the album. Although it may take a while to catch on with some, after a listen or two I loved it! This is the one song that doesn't sound like anything else on the entire CD. And then there's "Air Dry," that song that just makes you go, "Whoa! This is it!" In my opinion, this needs to be a single. It's together, the lyrics are great, and the song just sounds all-around awesome!

Again, taking a page -- or maybe a chapter or two -- out of John Mayer's book, "Try Too Hard" is soothing, and, again, Geiger manages to pull it off without sounding like he's simply impersonating Mayer. Geiger also attempts a cover of "Seven Days Without You," a song some may know as something by the band Avion. It's decent, but my preference leans toward the Avion version; there's just something about Geiger's version that doesn't sound quite there.

While some artists would come out with this style of music and could simply be seen as just another guy with a guitar, Geiger uses his debut to prove himself as anything but that; and it's for that reason that, once people get a hold of this CD, it won't be long until Teddy Geiger is the name on everyone's lips.

Teddy Geiger

Underage Thinking

Review: 3 1/2 stars (Out of 4)

Angela Stefano is a senior at Nardin.

Teddy Geiger plays at Club Infinity Sunday.

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