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It seems to us . . . Swarts' success; Buffalo's Blossom always bloomed; Skyway eyesore

NOW DIVERSIFY DMV HOURS: County Clerk David J. Swarts deserves the praise he received for reopening DMV bureaus and as a result bringing in up to $2 million to Erie County this year. But have you looked at the office hours? They're mostly Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Of the four fixed offices, only Cheektowaga is open on Saturday and only it offers 11 a.m. to 6:45 p.m. hours on three other days, but it offers no written tests. The five mobile DMV offices only move on weekdays. Perhaps union work rules -- and a sensible aversion to overtime -- make more diverse hours difficult. But in a region where most people work when the DMV offices are open, some night and weekend options would make life easier.


BLOSSOM CALLING: Blossom Cohan -- even the name heralded someone special -- was indeed, as News reporter Tom Buckham wrote in her obituary, the grande dame of Buffalo theater. She was -- like Michael, Liza, Pele or Mia -- universally recognized by one name. She was that big. And she loved not letting anyone forget it. Her Delaware District home was often a city salon. Grouped in a circle around her would be all sorts of diverse and quirky people, everyone talking at once, all seeming to compete for her attention and teh favor of her response. The legendary actors, actresses and playwrights who gathered at her feet is eye-opening. Reporters and editors dreaded her calls and visits as much as they adored her, because it was inevitable she'd get her way, and leave them smiling in wonderment how she did it when you were determined to say "no" this time; at least once.


BRING 'ER DOWN: The former mayor of Milwaukee, who successfully opened his city's waterfront to dramatic private and public development by taking down its version of the Skyway, thinks the same could happen here; and none too soon, we hope. But who knew the Skyway has siblings around the country? Louisville? The ever-envied Seattle? Even the urban mecca Portland, Ore., had one. So we're not alone stuck with bad ideas from 50 years ago? What a liberating sense. Those cities dropped theirs, so can we.

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